Comedian Profiles October 20th - 23rd         

Christian Schulte-Loh (Germany)

Normally it's not a good sign when a German steps on stage. It either ends in a world domination speech or in a Europop performance. Both cases have scared off generations and created a very well known stereotype:

Germans are not funny - at least not on purpose.

Christian decided very early to change that stereotype.
His first solo show ("Stop Laughing, I am German!") got excellent reviews and sell-out audiences at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2009.

"Christian Schulte-Loh has created one of the most subversive acts ever. The gags have an astonishing freshness and power." (The Spectator)

Christian has been gigging for The Comedy Store (UK), The SoHo Comedy Club (UK), Highlight (UK), MirthControl (UK), BudSuCS (Hungary), 123ComedyClub (Belgium/Holland) and many more.

Stephen Carlin (GB)

Carlin has earned critical acclaim, accolades and a growing fan base with his original and insightful writing style and accomplished delivery.

He is a very enigmatic act, using a unique pattern of delivery to amuse the audience with very unexpected and off the wall references.

From his sartorial elegance to his in-depth and hilarious knowledge of International snooker, Carlin’s performance takes the audience into the mind of a passionate obsessive.

This man is well on his way to become Scotland's newest addition to its history of brilliant comedians.

He was also named by Stewart Lee as one of the ‘Ten Best Comedians in the World Ever’.

In 2011, Stephen co-created and co-wrote the new BBC Radio 4 show 'The Headset Set', set in the Smile5 Call Centre.

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